May update and campaign finance report

Thank you again for your support and for those of you that made a donation to RVT Future’s Fighting Fund via JustGiving. It is already making a huge difference to our work as we gear up for Britain’s biggest community pub buy-out – with your help, we’ve hired a project manager to accelerate our work, appointed a law firm that specializes in social enterprises to advise us, and we’ve selected a Co-operatives UK certified community shares consultant to help us prepare the legal documentation that needs to be submitted to the government regulators.

We carry a huge responsibility to those people who have supported the campaign and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern over the years, and so we are taking our time to run this professionally and make sure we get this absolutely right. Thank you for your patience.

A community owned RVT is backed by both Lambeth Council and the Mayor of London, and we’ve been able to engage with the current owners Immovate who aren’t, in theory, opposed to our plans – we look forward to building on that relationship in particular. We are especially delighted that James Lindsay, the CEO of Vauxhall Tavern London Ltd, the company that currently operates the RVT, has given us his support and we are working well together with him to ensure that everything we all love that he and his team have created, is protected for us all, and continues into the future.

Our first financial report is included below.

In the meantime, we are always looking for people with time and/or money to help the RVT Future campaign – if you think there’s a way you could help please email us and let us know!

Our next update will be given at a public meeting scheduled for the end of June. Stay tuned for your invitation.

You’ll be the first to hear RVT Future news through this website and our mailing list, but don’t forget to follow us on social media – @RVTFuture on Twitter and – for updates as they happen.


RVT Future campaign finance report

1st January – 30th April 2017 (we will normally report every 3 months, but for this first report we’re covering the first 4 months of this year)

All figures in £ Income Expenditure Totals
Justgiving 31,331,50
Justgiving fees 1 (1,860.70)
Other fundraising 2 477.20
Total Income 29,948.00
Project management 3 (1400.00)
Communications and marketing (41.51)
Bank charges (18.69)
Total Expenditure (1466.20)
Surplus/loss carried forward 28,487.80



  1. JustGiving charge for their service and credit card processing as detailed here:
  2. We ran a fundraising event at the RVT on 11th January 2017
  3. We have hired an independent project manager to assist the volunteer RVT Future exec committee