Financial report November 2017

Below you’ll find info on the campaign’s finances from May-October 2017. We’ll normally report every three months, so apologies for the lateness of this update. All future financial reports on our website

Right now, we’re busy working with Dave Boyle of The Community Shares Company, getting our ducks in a row so that we can launch the community share sale – Britain’s biggest ever community pub buy-out! – early in 2018. Dave, who will be managing the next steps of our campaign, is director of The Community Shares Company, which is the community shares partner of prominent crowdfunding site Crowdfunder. We’re in safe hands.

A community-owned RVT is backed by both Lambeth Council and the Mayor of London. James Lindsay, the CEO of Vauxhall Tavern London Ltd, the company that currently operates the RVT, has also given us his support. We’re working well with him, making sure everything he and his team have brought to the RVT we all love, is protected and has a thriving future.

Our second financial report is included below covering the period 1/5/17 – 31/10/17.

You can help!

We’ll be running a training session for community fundraisers soon – please get in touch at if you’d like to attend.

We’re also looking for performers, punters and promoters to appear in a campaign video. If the RVT has played a role in your professional or personal life please get in touch at We’re also looking for visual materials that feature the RVT.

And we’re always looking for people with time and/or money to help the RVT Future campaign – if you think there’s a way you could help please email us and let us know!

You’ll be the first to hear RVT Future news through this website and our mailing list, but don’t forget to follow us on social media – @RVTFuture on Twitter and – for updates as they happen.

RVT Future campaign finance report

1st May – 31st October 2017

All figures in £






Total Income



Project management (1)


Communications and marketing


Bank charges


Total Expenditure


Net surplus/loss for this period


Balance brought into this period from previous


Balance carried forward



  1. We have contracted with a licenced Community Shares Practitioner for specialist consultancy and project management services: