The campaign

We are a group of performers,
promoters and punters who want to

safeguard the Royal Vauxhall Tavern from unsympathetic
property development

THE ROYAL VAUXHALL TAVERN BUILDING IS OWNED BY  VAUXHALL TAVERN LONDON LIMITED. LAST YEAR,THE COMPANy WAS SOLD TO IMMOVATE, AN AUSTRIA-BASED PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. IMMOVATE haven’t said anything publicly about their long-term plans for the RVT, so as a community, we are taking the following three steps to secure the future of the RVT:


RVT Future vigorously supports the RVT as an ongoing business. We are not commercially naive and we are not against change, modernisation or sympathetic redevelopment. We are performers, promoters and punters who are or have been involved with the Tavern over the past decade and more, and we want to ensure the spirit and atmosphere that attracted us to the venue isn’t lost for short-term gains. You’re likely to bump into a supporter of RVT Future at the Tavern, and if the opportunity arose for the community to buy the RVT, the group would like to be part of that initiative.

Get the Tavern registered as an Asset of Community Value

We have succeeded in having the RVT registered by Lambeth as an Asset of Community Value. This means no subsequent sale can take place unless the community are given a chance to bid first. It also means the pub cannot be demolished or turned into a shop or an estate agent without planning permission.

Get the Tavern listed as a building of historic or architectural interest

The RVT has a wealth of history. Getting listed building status would make it very hard for an owner to get permission to demolish or alter the building in a way that damaged its character. Immovate — the property development company that own the RVT Limited — are unhappy about this. They claim this would make minor alterations so burdensome that the pub would have to close. But there are lots of pubs and shops that operate happily and profitably from listed buildings. Immovate have not said anything publicly about their longterm plans for the RVT, and we fear the real reason for their opposition might be that they do indeed want to demolish or fundamentally redevelop the building. Listing would get in the way of that. (UPDATE: On September 9 2015, we succeeded in making the RVT a listed building!)